Discover Your Biggest Marketing Bottlenecks…
And What To Do NOW!

You want more qualified clients? Find out what’s holding you back with my simple, yet powerful Affluent Marketing Scorecard.

Marketing is the #1 business lever! As an advisor who wanted to grow, I tried every marketing “magic bullet” out there. Out of frustration, I looked for real answers… outside of the industry. I discovered that I had been fed B.S. by the FMO’s, B/Ds, insurance and annuity companies.

So I identified the leading authorities (some alive, some dead) in marketing, advertising,  branding, communication and psychology. I read the books, went to the best trainings and hired world-class coaches. I began to discover recurring patterns – echoes. I rebuilt my marketing from the ground floor using the patterns to target affluent clients… and it worked.

As a starting point for you, I’ve put together this Marketing Scorecard to help you discover:

Why you are getting too many unqualified prospects

Why your present marketing is under-performing

How to easily “score’ your current marketing efforts

How many Marketing Myths are unknowingly holding you (and your income) back

Which marketing mistakes are keeping you from breaking through

Why affluent prospects are getting turned off by your present markets

Find the answers NOW!

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